Walk on Monte Fossa

Nature excursions on Monte Fossa the highest peak of Salina

Monte Fossa delle Felci
the roof of the Aeolian Islands

Monte Fossa delle Felci is on the island of Salina. It is 962 meters above sea level. It is not only the highest peak of Salina, but the highest of the Aeolian archipelago.

Excursions on Monte Fossa are among the easiest walks available, one doesn’t have to be an expert to enjoy it. It is a wonderful experience where one can appreciate the lush vegetation of the island of Salina and its many vineyards. It is these vineyards that have helped the island earn the name of “green island”.


Trails on Monte Fossa
and the uncontaminated nature of Salina

The walks organized on Monte Fossa are ideal to experience and be in contact with nature. One of the best known trails is the one which begins in Val di Chiesa. It is reachable by car or by public transportation from Mamma Santina hotel and restaurant.

The trail begins at the Santuario del Terzito and is an easier trail. Along the walk you will be in woods of holm oak, pine, oak and chestnut trees. There is a lovely view of Valdi Chiesa with a panorama of the green vineyards of sweet Malvasia and the blue of the sea. You can also admire the shoreline of Leni and Malfa. After approximately 40 minutes along the trail you will come to the rest stop of Monte Rivi. Soon after you will be at the point which divides Monte Fossa delle Felci from Monte Rivi. Along the various trails you will see the ferns of the mountain. These ferns provide a unique and thrilling experience as they are a unique natural phenomenon.

Discovering Salina

What to do, what to see, where to go to fully experience the spirit of the island...

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