The heart of Salina

A window to the discovery of the green island of the Aeolian islands


The island of Salina is the heart of the Aeolian islands.
Known as the “green island” because of its lush vegetation and for the commitment the island’s people have to environmental sustainability, Salina is a soulful place.

Discover the most fascinating places through Mamma Santina’s recommendations. After a day touring this beautiful island admiring its nature, museums and sea, it will be lovely to relax by the pool in the company of a glass of Malvasia. You can end your day with a dinner of local cuisine at our restaurant.


Electric scooter rental

Mamma Santina offers electric scooter rental. This is a wonderful way to discover the island’s beauty in its length and breadth. Electric scooters provide a sustainable and ecological way to explore the island independently.

Salina is magic and beauty

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Via Sanità, 40 - 98050
Santa Marina - Salina
Isole Eolie (ME)

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