Palazzo Marchetti

Historical home on Salina, cultural center, site used for important international events

Historical home on Salina, today a cultural center managed by the Didime’90 association

Palazzo Marchetti was a home built in the 1920s and is a combination of nineteenth century and modern styles. It is located in Malfa and has a panoramic view of the green vineyards and blue cobalt Aeolian sea.

It is the site of the Didime '90, Palazzo Marchetti hosts a number of international events such as concerts, theater productions and book presentations and the prestigious “Salina Doc Fest”.


The cine-auditorium project aimed
at reviving cinema on Salina

The Didime '90association has been supporting a special project for several years, the construction of a cine-auditorium at Palazzo Marchetti. The goal is to revive great cinema on the island, where most of the film Il Postino with Massimo Troisi, was filmed.

Palazzo Marchetti is a place that supports innovation. It has cutting edge technology and is a place not only for film lovers but also a space for music, film and film directing classes. To financially support the project a crowdfunding platform was established. For more information visit the Palazzo Marchetti website.

Discovering Salina

What to do, what to see, where to go to fully experience the spirit of the island...

Giumari Salina s.r.l. | Partita IVA: 033 61 76 08 32
REA: ME-231722 | Capitale Sociale: € 10.000,00
CIR: 19083087°300781


Via Sanità, 40 - 98050
Santa Marina - Salina
Isole Eolie (ME)

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