Breakfast in Salina

Aeolian breakfast sea view at Mamma Santina's


Breakfast at Mamma Santina hotel and restaurant has the unmistakable fragrances of home made cakes, sweet and savory, local buns accompanied by cold fruit drinks and the smell of hot coffee. These can only complement the smell of the sea. The breakfast buffet at the hotel is rich and varied, similar to one our mothers or grandmothers would prepare.
It is set up in the indoor part of the hotel and served on the terrace everyday from 8:00 to 10:30.


Homemade jams and garden fruits for a vitamin-packed breakfast

The breakfast table is a celebration of colors and tastes, a joy for palate and eyes.
Breakfast at Mamma Santina’s aims to satisfy both those who enjoy sweet and savory breakfasts. It is an authentic experience of the tastes of the island. We recommend trying the delicious organic, homemade jams, fresh seasonal fruit and granitas with buns. You are invited to have breakfast on the hotel terrace, enjoying the Aeolian landscape and view for a great start of your day on Salina.
Mamma Santina exemplifies family warmth, the hospitality of a home where even breakfast becomes a moment of sharing and happiness.

Breakfast is available from 7:30 for guests who need early checkout.

Giumari Salina s.r.l. | Partita IVA: 033 61 76 08 32
REA: ME-231722 | Capitale Sociale: € 10.000,00
CIR: 19083087°300781


Via Sanità, 40 - 98050
Santa Marina - Salina
Isole Eolie (ME)

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Stefano Butturini
Vittorio Sciosia
Tanino Cincotta